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Infographic:Scan to BIM Checklist Compilation

Scan to BIM is a process for efficiently converting the scanned raw data of any building structure or site to an accurate BIM model that will help carry out the actual construction hassle-free. It is used in the case of renovations, refurbishments, retrofitting, or remodeling of any built structure. 


Scan to BIM Services helps in effective conversion by following a series of steps or a checklist. This checklist basically acts as a guideline to assist you through the entire conversion process in a streamlined manner avoiding repetitive activities and promoting a healthy transformation. Below is the definitive compilation of the Scan to BIM checklist that major AEC firms follow, which may vary slightly depending on the type of project and its requirement.

Scan to BIM Checklist Compilation
Follow the ideal Scan to BIM checklist to cut down on the overall cost and reduce the time of designing, redesigning, and modeling. Achieve accuracy in modeling the point cloud data with the above guidelines.