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Infographic:What are the Basic Principles of Lean Construction?

Lean Philosophy is a concept derived from the manufacturing industry which focuses on maximizing efficiency through strategizing the process. Lean Construction also works on the same philosophy of incorporating strategies in favor of fast and improved Construction. It aims to utilize the resources appropriately, thereby reducing waste throughout the construction workflow. Incorporating Lean methodology into the building design, completion, and delivery process, the entire project will transform positively by lowering the unpredictability and disruptions at every stage and will give more control over the project with clear and concise understanding.


With lean methodology, the course of planning, designing, and executing construction projects will change altogether. To implement it correctly, let’s understand its principles.

What are the Basic Principles of Lean Construction?
All-in-One: Lean Construction is gaining traction in the AEC industry through its numerous benefits in favor of construction firms. It emphasizes the client's values more and concentrates on cutting down construction times and costs with minimizing wastage. Lean Construction can reap considerable improvements in terms of productivity, costings, timelines, and efficiency when applied correctly by construction firms. If you plan to apply lean Construction in your projects by incorporating the BIM process, QeBIM can help you. We are a renowned BIM company that can deliver your construction project with high quality and utmost efficiency.