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Infographic:What are the Benefits of Drones in the Construction Industry?

Drones are used to capture aerial footage of any site. They offer a varied range of benefits in many industries, construction being a major one of them. The adoption of drones in the construction and engineering industry is the highest (35%) of any other sector, according to the data by Blue Research. The construction drone market is predicted to rise to $11.9 billion by 2027 due to its numerous applications in construction projects, from initial mapping to surveying to tracking building progress and providing real-time updates, inspection, surveillance, and site security. In short, the benefits of drone technology have revolutionized the entire construction life cycle, from inception to project delivery.


Drones can improve efficiency, streamline activities and reduce construction project expenses. Besides this, there are ways in which Drone benefits the construction industry, as below.

What are the Benefits of Drones in the Construction Industry?