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Point Cloud to BIM Services

Convert your Point Cloud data for Architectural, Structural, and MEP disciplines to accomplish renovation projects in a quick turnaround time with our Point cloud to BIM modeling services.

As one of the leading architectural solution providers with 23+ years of experience, and extensive domain knowledge, we have catered numerous Point cloud to BIM projects serving the need of architects, general contractors, MEP contractors, and other AEC professionals of the industry. Our BIM specialists can accurately transform point cloud data into a digital 3D model, which helps analyze the existing condition of a building for renovation or demolition of a building structure.

Our Point cloud Modeling Services are highly accurate, precise, and cost-effective. Our team follows a diligent point cloud to BIM workflow wherein we create and deliver detailed BIM models of LOD 100-500. We do accept various scan formats, such as .RCP, .E57, .PTS, .RCS etc., as inputs, to give a desired modeled output adhering to international codes and standards. Be it a commercial, residential, industrial, or historic structure, our BIM models assist building surveyors, architects, MEP contractors, and engineers in gaining detailed insights into various elements such as beams, walls, pipes, ducts, roofs, ceilings, etc. and facilitate informed decision making throughout the refurbishment, retrofit, remodeling or facility management process.

We offer Point Cloud to BIM Conversion Services for All Disciplines

Architectural Point Cloud to BIM

We convert point cloud data to information-rich 3D models for architectural elements with precise floor plans, elevations, and sections that architects and engineers can use in renovations and remodeling.

Structural Point Cloud to BIM

Our Structural point cloud modeling includes creating As-built models from laser-scanned data for all structural elements, such as beams, columns, trusses, etc.

MEP Point Cloud to BIM

Our MEP Point cloud to BIM conversion services include delivering As-built models for HVAC, electrical, and plumbing components for all infrastructure projects.

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Residential, Commercials, and Industrial Projects

We have developed 3D models from scanned data of many residential, commercial, and industrial structures for renovation projects. This includes high-rise apartments, hotels, malls, education, healthcare institutes, etc. Our As-built models help guide the construction team for effective operations and maintenance during reconstruction and remodeling.

Historical Structures and Old Buildings

Our team is proficient in carrying out complex digital carvings and modeling with precision to deliver restoration solutions for historical monuments and old buildings like churches, museums, palaces, temples, etc., which require rebuilding.

Infrastructural Projects

Our team has successfully performed point cloud conversion services for various building and infrastructural projects, including bridges, roads, subways, airports, tunnels, dams, train stations, etc.

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  • What is Point Cloud to BIM?

    The point cloud to BIM process captures and illustrates high-density point cloud data of any site or structure via laser scanning or photogrammetry. This scanned data is imported and processed using software such as Autodesk Revit, Autodesk Recap, and ArchiCAD to deliver a 3D information-rich model to make an informed decision in renovations and refurbishments.

  • What kind of inputs can be considered for Point Cloud to BIM?

    We take various scanned input file formats for Point cloud modeling, such as: Laser scan inputs in.RCS, .RCP, .E57, .PTS formats Photo- realistic Images, 3600 videos, 2D drawings, schematic drawings, or other supportable designs.

  • Can a laser scanner find invisible MEPF components of an existing building?

    Yes, laser scanner can detect the hidden MEPF components. As its provides  Schematic drawing and photo-realistic images attached as input to understand the minute details of the existing MEPF disciplines.

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