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MEP Drafting Services

QeBIM offers cost-effective and high-quality MEP Drafting Services that enable the creation of detailed coordinated drawings for various systems. Our MEP drawings provide efficient constructions to convey the design intent. Our MEP experts are skillful in multiple CAD software to create clash-free drawings. The MEP CAD Drafting Services provided by us are in accordance with International standards. We deliver MEP drafts for residential, commercial, industrial, and other structures. We have worked with general contractors, HVAC contractors, construction companies, MEP designers, and MEPF consultants.

Our MEP CAD Drafting Services

HVAC CAD Drafting Services

CAD HVAC drawings are technical drawings displaying information regarding the heating and cooling of any building structure. It consists of a detailed instruction guide providing the complete installation of ducts, pipes, diffusers, and other equipment. Our draftsman provides full-fledged HVAC drawings catering to any complex structure's heating and cooling scenarios. We offer various types of HVAC drawing services like HVAC layout drawings, HVAC schematic drawings, Line diagrams for HVAC panels, and HVAC installation drawings. We also provide other relevant HVAC drawings such as Section Drawings, Opening Drawings, Elevation Drawings, HVAC Load Calculations, HVAC Detailing Drawings, Tender Drawings, Construction Drawings, Shop Drawings, and As-built Drawings. We use advanced software HVAC design tools such as AutoCAD and Revit.

Electrical CAD Services

Our electrical engineers use advanced software sets such as ECAD to design and develop electronic systems such as circuit boards, integrated circuits, etc., in 2D and 3D models. They also edit schematics layouts, pictorial diagrams, and wiring of these electrical model components. Our CAD electrical drawings can help the workers while installing, troubleshooting, and communicating information about the power source and supply through the electrical components error-free with appropriate connections. We also used specialized electrical software such as AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, or Circuitmaker to create electrical drawings efficiently. Our electrical drawing specifications include Lights, Switches, Fuses, Ground, Wires, Resistors, Capacitors, and Power Sources. We master in providing technical drawings depicting information about power, lighting, and electrical communications.

Plumbing Drawing Services

Plumbing drawings are technical drawings that depict a detailed picture of a building structure's plumbing or pipeline systems. This includes every minute detailing such as water system layouts, drainage system layouts, water supply planning, gas supply planning, and so on. Our plumbing drafting is beneficial for trade contractors and builders to view the digitized drawing before fabrication and assembling and avoid clashes onsite between multiple disciplines.

Benefits of MEP Drafting Services

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