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BIM for General Contractors

Leverage the benefit of BIM Services for General Contractors for successful project execution.

We at QeBIM offer General contractors to construct sustainable structures implementing BIM in the projects successfully. Our proficient team allows contractors to accomplish projects on time and within the allocated/estimated budget. Our 3D Modelling enables you to identify clashes, rectify them and attain accuracy and efficiency while building projects through all stages, be it bidding, pre-construction, construction, or post-construction. Our expertise and experience of about 23+ years have allowed us to serve numerous GC across USA, UK, and EU Regions. With the help of our BIM Modeling Services for General Contractors, they can drive accurate digital design solutions irrespective of the project size and complexity.

QeBIM offers a comprehensive set of services apt for General Contractors, Sub-Contractors, Trade Contractors, and MEP Contractors, including Architectural Modelling, Structural Modelling, MEP Modelling, Shop Drawings, Fabrication Drawings, Clash Detection and Coordination, and various other services based on project requirements.

Our Solutions for General Contractors

Architectural Modelling

Our BIM-based model includes architectural elements for interior as well as exteriors that can help you out in marketing and bidding.

Structural Modelling

We create accurate 3D models for structural elements like columns, beams, slabs, etc. We also provide elaborated Construction documentation, scheduling(4D), and cost estimations (5D) to bridge the gap between design and fabrication.

MEP Modelling

With our MEP model, general contractors can get a clear idea of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing components, their placements, and interconnection so that the errors are identified in advance for all the disciplines the later construction becomes hassle-free.

Clash Detection & Coordination

With our BIM coordination and clash detection, contractors can identify and resolve clashes beforehand across various trades.

Drawing and Drafting Services

We do create varied drawings for pre-fabricated components specifying the dimensions, manufacturing and fabrication details, etc. Our set of drawings includes floor plans, site plans, construction drawings, sectional drawings, millwork drawings, etc.

Shop and Fabrication Drawing Services

Our team is highly skilled in various software and creates comprehensive shop drawings to get insights about plans, elevations, and sections in a short turnaround time. Our shop and fabrication drawing services include Architectural, Structural, MEP/HVAC shop drawings so that contractors can get essential information for the effective fabrication and assembling of components.

Why Should Contractors Outsource BIM Services?

Outsource BIM for General Contractors, avoid costly reworks, and get profitability in your construction projects.

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