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Scan to BIM Services in the USA

We provide Scan to BIM Modeling Services to convert laser scanning data into an information-rich As-built 3D BIM model with accuracy and precision.

Scan to BIM services is an advanced technique of building information-rich 3D As-built models for an existing structure. This service enables renovation, refurbishment, and retrofitting easier for residential, commercial, infrastructural, or industrial projects. We take the laser survey data or point cloud data as input and convert it into 3D models for Architectural, Structural, and MEP services depicting model components in detail. We work on varied supportable scanned formats such as .rcs, .rcp, .pts, .e57, and so on. Our team excels in transforming point cloud data to an intuitive and precise model, facilitating clash detection, decision-making, scheduling, and cost estimation throughout the reconstruction and remodeling. In addition to the scanned data, we accept CAD drawings, site photographs, or videos as inputs to deliver the modeled output. We provide a 3D model with LOD 100 to LOD 500 featuring geometries, pipes, walls, slabs, roof plans, and landscapes in and around the building structure. We are known for delivering projects in the shortest span of time without compromising on quality. We offer accurate Scan to BIM Conversion Services across the USA, UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

Our Scan to BIM Services Offerings

Scan to BIM

Our technical team is proficient in using Autodesk Revit and Autodesk Recap to deliver the 3D As-built model of the required LOD from the scanned data provided. Our deliverables are clash-free and provide the roadmap to the AEC professionals while conducting any remodeling or renovations.

Scan to CAD

We provide accurate and high-quality editable CAD files using scanned data and cutting-edge technologies. We can convert file formats such as PDF, .rvt, .dwg, or any other non-CAD raster/vector file into the desirable CAD file. Our highly skilled CAD specialists provide Scan to CAD solutions applying CAD layering to deliver precise drawings that can be easily stored, shared, and altered.

Scan to Mesh

Our skilled professionals can effectively use Scan to Mesh, a cloud-based feature of Autodesk Recap, and convert the laser-scanned data to textured 3D meshes on the cloud. The 3D mesh helps in early clash detection and coordination. Ease out your retrofitting and remodeling projects through a faster digital conversion workflow by availing of our Scan to Mesh services.

Our Scan to BIM Conversion Process

Scan Conversion

We receive scanned inputs from clients in various file formats.PTS, .E57, .FIS, .RCS, which we convert to.RCP format as recap file.

Template Selection

Later, we select the template in Revit as suggested by the client; if not, we will choose a default template.

Import Recap file

The Revit file is then linked to the Recap file, which can either be origin to origin, center to center, or shared by coordination.

Check elevations and BIM Modeling

Post linking the Recap file, layers are created as per the scans, and to this scanned model, we apply the BIM process to create a detailed As-built BIM model.

Quality Control

A quality of the 3D model is checked using Revit plugins to verify project standards and identify and eliminate clashes.


A final step post checking on to the Scan to BIM checklist is to deliver the clash-free 3D Revit model of the shared point cloud data, which is up to the mark.

Application of Scan to BIM Modeling

Our Scan to BIM modeling can be applied to Architectural, Structural, and MEP services to give a coordinated model.

Benefits of Scan to BIM Services to QeBIM

Quality and Error-free 3D models

Streamlined Workflow

Reduced Reworks

A well-coordinated Model for Renovations, Remodelling, and Retrofitting

Increased Profitability, Efficiency, and Reduced Costs

Who can Avail our Scan to BIM Services

Laser Scanning Firms
Survey Firms
Property Owners
Architectural Firms
MEP Engineering Firms
General Contractors

Get your Renovations Streamlined with Our Scan to BIM Services

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