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In a building structure, the electrical systems consist of the power supply, power distribution, circuits, switching, control, security, communication, and lighting systems. With so many components involved, there are huge chances of overlapping between various components. This can be resolved to refer to the Electrical Shop Drawings, which is the detailed representation of electrical components and the connections between them such as Elevators, Lighting, Cables, Panels, Transformers, etc. These drawings are proven useful in the installation and assembling of electrical units accurately.

We have Skilled team of electrical engineers illustrates shop drawings with exact dimensions and detailing of electrical equipment keeping in mind that various disciplines do not intersect with each other. We use advanced software like Revit, AutoCAD, and Naviswork for electrical drawings, drafting, and modeling services.

Our Electrical Shop Drawing Services

Electrical design drawings

Electrical drafting

Electrical equipment documentation

Electrical component connection and routing with symbols and notations

Electrical part shop drawings

Cable tray drawings

Switching and lighting

Power layouts and distribution

Access and security drawings

Control system layouts

Our technical compliance helps in delivering eco-friendly and energy-efficient solutions across various sectors. With our electrical shop drawings, operations and maintenance of building electrical components modeling become flawless.

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