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Architectural and Structural Modelling For a Child Care Facility/Hospital

The client approached us with the requirement to capture the existing conditions of the commercial property and also model the proposed conditions for the Ground, First and Second Floor..

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Fabrication Model for Wooden Structure with Steel Plates

The client asked for a LOD 400 Model for the Structural elements along with their fixing plates and bolts.

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Concept Approval Set of Type V Wood frame construction

The Client approached us with the requirement to conceptualize and design the residential space, which was a Wood Frame Type.

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Construction Drawings for high-end residentials property in USA

The project requirement was to create a construction documentation set for design concept presentation and approval for a premium residency based in USA

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Architectural and Structural Modelling for a Church Project in the USA

The project was to record the existing condition of a church for remodeling.

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Architectural Modelling and Documentation for Residential Permit Set in New Zealand

The project requirement was to model the house and ground and to create a documentation set to get consent for a residential construction by the council.

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Architectural Modeling for Stair Case Project in USA

The project requirement was to prepare an executable documentation detail for a residential staircase on the basis of the captured and sketched site condition.

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Architectural & Structural Modeling for Residential Buildings in USA

The project requirement was to record and model the existing condition of multiple single-family units for the purpose of renovations and refurbishment.

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BIM Modeling for a Commercial Building in USA

The requirement was to design and develop the models for a commercial project and perform clash detection services to deliver a clash-free model and frame a set of construction documentation and base drawings.

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