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Project Objective:

The client approached us with the requirement to model the house and ground and to create a documentation set to get consent for her residential construction by the council.

She was looking for someone proficient and experienced with the New Zealand Building Consent Standards and Codes and one who could prepare the set with accuracy and minimum queries.

Scope of Work/ Business Need:

  • Create a 3D Model as per NZ Standards
  • Prepare the Building Consent Set



Model Development Level:

LOD 300

Client Inputs:

The client shared the PDF files of the plans, and elevations, along with a couple of notes and instructions for the work to be done.

Project Description:

The project was quite a spread and involved a couple of challenges relevant to cladding materials and connection details. Our team researched well and overcame the challenges with flying colors by preparing the model set covering all the building aspects, such as mechanical, electrical, and plumbing. The model and Documentation developed by us were intuitive and involved every required detail that can be easily understood by the client and council for quick approval/grant.

We did document everything in compliance with the current NZ regulations and ensured that our curation and proposed work were safe, durable, and up to the mark. Our plans and specifications did cover reasonable grounds as per the building code provision.

Output Delivered:

1) Site Plan

2) Floor Plans

3) Foundation Plan

4) Roof and Electrical Plans

5) Sections and Elevations

6) Plumbing and Drainage Details

7) Cladding Details

8) All typically required connection details

9) Door/Window Schedule