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BIM for Infrastructure

Tap the BIM Services for Infrastructure and Civil

Infrastructure and civil projects are diverse in terms of geography and topography. Accurate planning and streamlining are requisite to execute such complex and vital construction projects. We at QeBIM have a skilled team, tools, and software to recognize engineering challenges and provide quick and apt solutions for any project. We will facilitate you with detailed construction drawings, As-built drawings, Fabrication drawings, Clash detection and coordination, Asset and facility management, and numerous other BIM services. Our team will stimulate multiple scenarios, thus eliminating errors and improving the collaboration among the project team throughout the project’s lifecycle. Our civil engineers are proficient with using multiple BIM software.

Our BIM Modeling Services for Infrastructure include

BIM for Transportation

We design complex 3D models for roads, highways, broadways, metro stations, gas piping, sidewalks, parking lots, underground foundations, etc., which allows ineffective construction of the same while syncing well with the existing infrastructures. Lane configuration, site analysis, cut and fill analysis, site grading, and cost analysis have become more straightforward with transportation modeling.

BIM for Bridges and Dams

Constructing an underpass or overpass bridge or a dam involves multiple engineering, which makes it quite complicated. Implementing BIM in it can help better plan and digitally represent the actual geometry, thus preventing clashes with the existing structures.

BIM for Civic Structures

Our Civil engineers are experts in designing 3D models for structures such as malls, amusement parks, stadiums, food courts, shopping centers, and other commercial sites. This eases the collaboration among various inter and intra- disciplines.

BIM for Tunnel Modeling

We are proficient in designing and developing coordinated and clash-free BIM models for underground utilities such as cabling, tunnels, wastewater pipelines, etc. Our modeling services can help out with inefficient cost estimations and risk mitigations. As tunneling requires interconnection among mechanical, electrical, and civil components, BIM modeling can avoid hazards during implementation.

BIM for Land /Site Development

We master developing and conceptualizing any topographical site from scratch by getting the point cloud data. We can create an intelligent 3D model from the laser-scanned data of any land or site.

We also deliver offshore infrastructure construction modeling services like Dock harbors, cofferdams, floating facilities, etc.

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