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As-built BIM Services

As-built Modeling Services are created to link, hold and manage data and documentation in a cloud-based environment post-completion of any project. This 3D model portrays insights about any alterations, modifications, or adjustments made at the construction site, which can be used for maintenance and supervision. Our team is well-versed in integrating and managing the full-fledged final construction record in the BIM model, thus easing future renovations and refurbishments. We are experts in designing the replica of the actual building and also providing a virtual tour of the structure before its completion to give the overview of the final installation to the stakeholders and clients.

As-built BIM Services We Offer

Our team has etched its performance scale by developing the data-oriented As-built BIM model services per the client’s requirement. Our As-built services are:

BIM Models for Field Verification

With the usage of advanced laser scanning technology at multiple stages, our team adds real-time data during construction. This field data captured can later be converted to As-built information-rich 3D BIM models for the existing structures. Our team also records the MEP components and performs the relevant changes.

Mark-up Drawings

Our team uses mark-up drawings to create As-built models. We use As-built drawings to swiftly convert the data fetched from the pre-constructed structure to 3D BIM models. We also deliver the red mark-up drawings specifying the dimensions of the components in the model.

As-built drawings are used as a base for any construction project. The collaboration of As-built documentation to the 3D BIM models powers your project with data control, thereby improving the productivity and efficiency of the construction project. As-built models are proven beneficial for contractors, property owners, and potential property buyers in many ways, say construction error resolution, installation, and recording of the component data, critical decision making like buying/sale of the property, renovations, and developments, etc.

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