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BIM Clash Detection and Coordination

BIM Clash detection services is to identify and analyze the areas or spaces where two or more design disciplines in a model occupy the same space. Unlike traditional times when clashes were encountered while ongoing construction, BIM Clash Detection is determined in the pre-construction phase itself. We at QeBIM specialize in identifying all sorts of clashes, whether a hard clash, a soft clash, or a workflow clash. We provide detailed clash reports specifying the type and location of the clashes. We not only identify the clashes but are efficient in eliminating all the interdisciplinary clashes, thus delivering a coordinated model. Our BIM clash detection expertise has enabled us to detect the array of critical conflicts that causes a significant impact on the cost and time during construction. Our team of MEP engineers and MEP technicians work hand in hand to investigate the interferences and use their domain-specific knowledge to ensure faster clash resolution. Our BIM Coordination and Clash Detection Services have allowed us to deliver a hassle-free implementation of many structures, be they Residential, Commercial, Historical or Industrial. Our team is fluent in using advanced software like Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD MEP, and NavisWork to perform BIM Clash Detection and Coordination Services.

Our BIM Clash Detection & BIM Coordination Services Includes

Clash Report Generation

We facilitate the clients with a detailed clash report dashboard covering all the information about the type of clashes encountered, say soft, hard, or workflow, and specifying the locations of the same. This report gets updated timely with all the clash statuses.

Architectural Clash Detection

We are experts in identifying all the Architectural clashes, i.e., architectural discipline coinciding with the other disciplines, i.e., Structural, Electrical, Plumbing, and so on.

Structural Clash Detection

We also detect Structural clashes, i.e., all the scenarios where structural discipline collides with the rest of the other disciplines like Architectural, Mechanical, Plumbing, Fire Sprinklers, Electrical, etc.

Hard & Soft Clash Detection

Our team can minutely identify all sorts of geometrical and spatial conflicts or the conflicts where the buffer zone is breached.

Workflow Clash Detection

Our MEP engineers can detect 4D clashes, which can cause the entire project to freeze relevant to workflow timelines, material delivery, and scheduling.

Design Modifications

Our team of engineers resolves all the design discrepancies and limitations by resizing elements, re-routing utilities, or modifying elements referring to the clash report to deliver the well-coordinated BIM model. 

BIM Coordination Drawings

We also provide BIM coordination drawings that bring all the project renderings to represent any structure's collaborative clash-free design drawings. With the help of this drawing, the construction project is delivered on time without compromising on cost and resources, thereby strengthening the model's functioning.

Benefits of BIM Clash Detection and BIM Coordination

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