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Our Pricing Strategy

Our BIM services portfolio is very much expanded with catering numerous BIM services such as Shop Drawings, Scan Services, Rendering Services, Fabrication services, Family Creation, Clash Detection and Coordination, and many more. Each of them has different pricing model. Select and let us know which services you wish to avail and we will mail you the proposal accordingly. This list is as below:

We follow below listed strategy to give the project estimate 

Price per Hour

The quotation in this method is given as per the tentative hour estimation to deliver the services or scope of work. This is not fixed; it may vary a bit as per the baseline hour estimated.

Lump sum Pricing

The pricing estimations here is decided on the basis of the information provided by the client, we will evaluate the same and give you a tentative quote for your project. It may vary a little bit in case any parameters changes in the project.

Price based on Man month

Here we allocate a dedicated person to the client and give the estimate based on the number of hours that person delegate to the particular project i.e. generally 4 weeks (160+18 hours).

BIM services are very vast to evaluate in terms of pricing, above are the basic scopes and methodology listed to determine the quote for a project. However, we are open for all the scopes apart from this. You can always approach us for a Custom proposal catering to your project’s requirement. We ensure the Quality and the timely delivery irrespective of the pricing strategy.

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