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CAD As-Built Drawings

Outsource Your As-Built Drawings Services for Infrastructure Remodelling

As-built drawings services, architecturally termed redline drawings, are the detailed documents that help compare the designed model and the final model. It is the detailed blueprint of the construction building model provided by the contractor post-completion of a construction project. As-built drawings reflect all the alterations explicitly done with the dimensions, geometry, or location during the ongoing construction process. These drawings can be referred to for future maintenance and resets. We at QeBIM have an expert team of draftees who delivers high-quality As-built drawings. This can be used for renovations, remodeling, or refurbishments. We classify each model element by the detailed drawing covering all the attributes like function, shape, size, material type, elevation, etc. Our CAD As-built drawing services provide in-depth insight catering to the various disciplines, be it architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, etc. Our techies can transform your As-builts into supported formats such as .dgn and .dwg files.

Why Outsource your As-built Drawings to QeBIM?

Quality Drawings

Our draftees are proficient in using the CAD toolset and delivering accurate As-built drawings that comply with industry standards and codes.

Clean Mark-ups

Don’t rely on messy redline mark-ups; instead, convert them into a digitized clean draft by outsourcing the As-built CAD services to QeBIM. Our team delivers professional drawings and sketches that are neat and clean and can be used for future planning, alterations, or maintenance.

Detailed Specifications

Why work on assumptions when our team can draw all the component changes, including changes in dimensions, shapes, sizing, type of materials, location, installation, fabrication, etc.? Just share your .dgn or .dwg file and leave the rest to us. We use Revit, AutoCAD, AutoCAD MEP, and AutoCAD architecture for drafting As-builts.

Our As-Built Drawings Deliverables

Alterations and Modifications
Design changes
Field changes
Shop drawing changes
Specification documentation
Date and time documentation
Error and Solution details
Proof attachments

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