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We provide Exterior rendering services to portrays the 3D viewpoint showcasing the exterior design of architectural structures to be built. It basically depicts the photorealistic images of the building’s external spaces using computer software. Why rely on just 2D sketches when our team can serve you with a full-fledged 3D rendered model for your exteriors? Be it Residential, Commercial, or Industrial space, we have got all covered under our umbrella of services.

With our exterior renderings, architects can accurately design error-free structures as per the client’s requirement. They can now actually present the client’s idea and give them better clarity in graphical format from different angles with real-time picturization and factors like shadows, lighting, fences, porches, materials to be used, etc. With this, alterations in exterior designs have also been easier. Our professionals are experts in presenting the entire exterior infrastructure with varied views such as:

Our Exterior Rendering Includes


It is an elevated view of the external property from a very steep angle showcasing the perspective personal like a bird viewing it. This also can be termed the Aerial view.


This represents the view of any exterior property from a certain angle across the nearest street.


This presents the viewpoint from an extremely low level like a worm is watching or an observer is like a worm. It is basically used to make any structure look tall and strong.


It shows the zoomed version of the exterior architecture highlighting every minute detail like textures, angles, etc.

Not only the viewpoints, but we are also masters in catering to different 3D exterior rendering formats like a static image, an animation, or a virtual tour of the exterior property. We do include multiple scenarios like morning, daylight, dusk, rains, storms, etc. to evaluate the property well before actual construction.

Our Software Bucket for Exterior Rendering

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