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CAD conversion services help convert construction drawings, blueprints, or concept sketches in PDF, paper, or scanned images to editable CAD files. We at QeBIM offer various CAD conversion services for all platforms, be it architectural, mechanical, civil, electrical, HVAC, structural, and others. We are all stocked up with advanced software tools for CAD conversion services like AutoCAD, Revit, NavisWorks, SolidWorks, SketchUp, etc. Our engineers hold extensive experience with global CAD codes and standards, thus providing accessible CAD conversion services across geographies. We are known for delivering high-quality and accurate CAD drawings. Our solutions are cost-effective and up to the mark

PDF to CAD Conversion Service

Our team is proficient in converting or re-drafting all types of drawings or sketches that are in PDF format to 2D or 3D CAD files with precision. We accurately depict all CAD elements like arcs, texts, lines, circles, etc., using an advanced tool like AutoCAD.

Scanned Image to CAD Conversion

Our skilled professional can convert any scanned image format of the construction drawing to an As-built CAD file. These conversions can be catered in both 2D and 3D, and we help in the conversion of the design and improvising the design drawings.

Paper to CAD Conversion

We offer all types of paper-to-CAD conversion services through manual draftings, like converting blueprints, sketches, and paper-based drawings to CAD files. Our draftees deliver drawings that are accurate and thoroughly checked. Our solutions are competitive, and we provide timely delivery of the designs.

2D to 3D CAD Conversion

With cutting-edge technology, we convert 2D drawings to accurate 3D models. Our 3D model elements are precise in dimensions and delivered in the client's preferred format to ease the tasks for architects, contractors, and other AEC industry professionals.

CAD Vectorization Services

With the help of CAD vectorization, we convert the raster-based drawings to CAD or Vector formats. Our drafters re-draw the scanned drawings manually CAD specifying every minute detailing such as color codes, text styles, dimensions patterns, etc. All the errors of automated raster-to-vector conversion can be avoided with our manual conversion services.

CAD Digitization Services

With our CAD Digitization Services, you can get the exact digital version of the scanned construction plans, microfilmed drawings, or hard copies.

SolidWorks Conversion Services

We provide 3D SolidWorks conversion services using a parametric, feature-based methodology to build a 3D CAD model. These conversion services are applicable for Part & Assembly drawings, Sheet metal drawings, piping models, etc., and can cater to varied industries such as aeronautics, automobile, manufacturing, and many more. Our expertise lies in all the manufacturing and production drawings and converting the same to quality SolidWorks files.

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