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Façade BIM Services

QeBIM has excellent expertise in designing traditional and modern complex Façade models using the latest technology BIM, which is beneficial for Architects, Façade Contractors, Builders, Fabricators, and other industry professionals as interpretation, assembling details, defining interfaces, and different intricating components become more straightforward with BIM modeling. Façade BIM modeling services deal with the forefront of any architectural structure. This is the principal part of any structure, which is most important as it will be the face of any architecture. Any structure nowadays is not just limited to its shield but the overall performance like lighting, auditory, energy efficiency, and numerous other exterior environmental interactions that relies on its façade designs. This sometimes also includes the sides or the rear views. Our engineers make use of software like Autodesk-Revit for designing 2D and 3D façades incorporating all the information, which helps digitally interpret the client how attractive the structure as a whole would look. Our team initiates the concept designs and provides shop drawings, scheduling, cost estimation, and As-build model creation. 

Our Façade BIM Services comprises

Our designer helps develop complicated 3D Façade models for glazing & cladding systems, doors, windows, canopies, skylights, and so on.

Façade BIM Coordination

Our Façade Coordinators ensure effective coordination among the various disciplines, such as architectural, structural, and MEP. We do resolve and report the detailed document if any clashes are detected.

Façade Shop Drawings

Our Facade designers use BIM to make effective Shop Drawings like Façade floor plans, Façade elevations, and sections & Fabrication Drawings like installation drawing for brackets, mullions, glass panels, windows, and doors which can be used as a roadmap by the project manager, for installation at later stages.

Facade Quantity Take off/ Material Take off

Our experts help accurately calculate the Façade BOQ during the project bidding and facilitate material procurement during the construction stage.

We deliver Façade BIM Models for Various Structures

Urban Infrastructure
Shopping Centres
Resorts and Hotels
Commercial and Residential Buildings

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