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Project Objective:

The client approached us with the requirement to capture the existing conditions of the commercial property and also model the proposed conditions for the Ground, First and Second Floor.

Scope of Work/ Business Need:

  1. Existing Condition Record
  2. BIM Model for Existing, Demolition and Proposed Condition.
  3. Permit Set Preparation


Architectural & Structural

Model Development Level:

LOD 300

Client Inputs:

The client had shared the existing project data via a couple of scanned images, sketches, photographs, and a few files in PDF & CAD formats with markings.

Project Description:

Our team undertook a comprehensive project involving the transformation of a child care hospital situated in a building with existing shops on the ground floor and the first floor allocated for other purposes. The primary objective was to capture the current conditions of the facility and subsequently develop proposed designs for the ground floor (GF), first floor (FF), and second floor (SF). The main challenge stemmed from inaccuracies in the existing architectural drawings, necessitating a meticulous approach to achieve accuracy and precision.

Through great attention to detail and a systematic approach, our team successfully achieved the desired accuracy in the project. The developed existing, demolition, and proposed condition models, coupled with the comprehensive permit set, laid the foundation for the seamless transformation of the child care hospital. The project not only addressed the challenges posed by inaccuracies in the existing drawings but also provided a solid framework for the client's vision to come to fruition.

Output Delivered:

1) Existing Property BIM Model with all the Information

2) Floor Plans and Elevations

3) Exterior Elevations

4) Permit Set with Detailed Documentation