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Project Objective:

The client asked for a LOD 400 Model for the Structural elements along with their fixing plates and bolts.

Scope of Work/ Business Need:

  • Fabrication Model for Wooden Structure with Steel Plates



Model Development Level:

LOD 400

Client Inputs:

The client provided initial design through sketch, and basic drawings, we had 2-3 round of design review discussion along with architects and electrical consultants to refine and finalize the elements at high precision.

Project Description:

In response to the client's mandate, our team embraced the challenge of creating a sophisticated LOD 400 Model for the structural components. This endeavour transcended the traditional confines of structural construction; it embodied the essence of seamlessly integrating the innate beauty of natural elements with the precision of industrial engineering.

Beyond the conceptualization phase, our commitment extended to providing comprehensive solutions. We have not only modelled the project; we meticulously crafted executable drawings and provided precise quantities for on-site implementation. This holistic approach was crucial for not only visualizing the end result but also ensuring a smooth and efficient execution process.

The deliverables we generated weren't just documents; they became the backbone of a pre-fabrication process that harmonized both wooden and steel plates in a controlled factory environment. This advanced preparation facilitated a flawless assembly directly on site, saving both time and resources.

Navigating through the intricacies of stringent fabrication standards that demanded absolute perfection, our team rose to the occasion. We embraced the challenge with unwavering determination, leaving no room for error. The meticulous attention to detail embedded in our deliverables became the cornerstone of success, guaranteeing that the construction process unfolded with precision and reliability.

In essence, this project was a testament to our ability to seamlessly blend nature and industry, creativity and precision. It showcased not only our technical proficiency but also our commitment to delivering solutions that transcend the ordinary. The result was not just a structure but an embodiment of innovation, where every element, from fixing plates to bolts, played a vital role in creating a space that seamlessly harmonizes with its surroundings.

Output Delivered:

1) 3D Views

2) Plate Details

3) Fabrication Model

4) Quantities

5) Floor Plans

6) Sections

7) Elevations

02 - TP-Schererville-1-min
02 - TP-Schererville-2-min