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Project Objective:

The client approached us with a unique project requirement to prepare an executable documentation detail for a staircase on the basis of the captured and sketched site condition.

Scope of Work/ Business Need:

  • Staircase Model
  • Plans and Details



Client Inputs:

The client shared the existing project design information/ existing condition with us in the form couple of scanned images and sketches.

Project Description:

The client was a Staircase manufacturer based in the USA. The project was quite unique for us to implement. The client shared the existing condition of the project in the form of sketch with a few hand-written notes for the scope of work to be done.

Our team of designers and drafters analysed the requirement and created a template to support varied manufacturing requirements and conditions such as tread, riser, stringer handrails, etc. They then delivered the output with a set of drawings and executable details depicting all the necessary information with enlarged view. These included staircase plans, sections, elevations, cross sections and so on.

Output Delivered:

1) Executable Drawings and Details

2) Staircase Model with Sections, Plans and Elevations