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Project Objective:

The client approached us with the requirement to design and develop the models for a commercial project with the required level of detail (LOD 300) and perform clash detection services to deliver a clash-free model prior to framing the set of construction documentation and extracting drawings out of it.

Scope of Work/ Business Need:

  1. BIM Model Development with Required Level of Details
  2. Clash Detection & Coordination
  3. Construction Documentation and Drawings


Architectural and Structural

Model Development Level:

LOD 300 (Detailed Design)

Client Inputs:

The client shared all the project information with us in the form of PDF and CAD formats.

Project Description:

The project design and scale were quite vast and involved a certain level of complexity. Our team found it captivating and challenging and developed a fascinating façade model involving intricacies. We also mapped all the necessary information as per the drawing/ design requirements. Annotation standards and templates were created by our expert BIM modelers to achieve the desired level of output during the documentation phase.

We were in constant touch with the client and updated them consistently about the progress throughout and incorporated the feedback simultaneously. Our domain expertise and extensive knowledge accelerated the project delivery with a qualty model to accurately resemble what will be installed, depicting the 3D object geometry with dimensions, capacities, and connections illustrated for specific elements. The model was clash-free and accurate, providing greater construction process control.

Output Delivered:

1) Clash-free Federated Model in Revit format (.rvt)

2) Construction Documentation in PDF and CAD formats